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top 5 external hard drives for audio recording

by:Hnsat     2020-09-10
Why is it an external hard drive?
The world of recording has been heavily condensed by the packaging of consumer audio products.
With some decent software, microphones and analog digital interfaces, people can immediately build their own project studio.
An important factor that seems to always be overlooked is a good external hard drive.
External hard drives for recording are essential for any recording studio.
As sound files grow larger, it is necessary to store and operate them using third-party devices.
The computer has so much storage, no matter how many gigabytes of ram you have, the accumulation of big sound files will definitely slow your machine down.
What is \"good\" driving?
First of all, it must be understood that your hard drive must be A/V-if you use A lot of digital information-rated.
This means that the drive is especially suitable for audio and video.
Although there is currently no industry standard that constitutes A/V-
In short, rated drives are largely related to the drive\'s ability to \"keep up\" with the data transfer rates of running the software.
Simply put, if your hard drive is slower than your program, you may not have A/V-
Rated hard drive.
Secondly, it is important to have a hard disk with multiple interfaces --
Represents the connection option to the computer.
There is no doubt that the FireWire must be one of them.
Firewire is a quick connection.
Speed is the key, as mentioned earlier.
It is convenient to have multiple interfaces when you move around a lot, because not all computers have exactly the same ports.
LaCie d2 Quadra (3 out of 5)
D2 Quadra is a great choice for its multiple interfaces
ESATA, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 and USB 2. 0.
500 Gig, 1 tb, 1.
5 MB and 2 MB options.
Large storage space!
D2 Quadra has an acceptable transfer rate under 3 gbit, but it will be cut off due to the bulky external power supply.
Iomega UltraMax (3 out of 5)
UltraMax for Iomega is a viable option-500 Gig with USB 2.
0 and Firewire 400 interfaces, and 1 byte with additional Firewire 800 and eSATA.
Iomega has been a reliable brand in the record industry for years and is recommended by top audio professionals.
The drive is a favorite for Mac users and can also be formatted for PC.
UltraMax has a smoothand quiet —
Design, but also dominated by external power supply.
\"G Drive\" of G Tech \"(4 out of 5)
G Drive by G Tech is another favorite of the industry. A built-
The cooling system and stylish design make it an excellent desktop storage disk.
It is equipped with Firewire 400 and 800, eSATA and USB and can be plugged into almost any system.
The G drive also requires an external power supply, but it turns out that the G Drive has a long life span. Glyph GT 050Q (5 out of 5)
The Glyph GT 050 Q is a great choice, it is a stand-alone spirit that is not bound by the external power supply, making it a viable portable or desktop driver.
Glyph drives have proven to last longer than most drives and have a high reputation in the audio industry.
The device features Firewire 400 and 800, eSATA and USB interfaces, as well as built-inCooling fan (
However, the fan does make a little noise).
You can get the GT 050 Q in the 250 Gig, 500 Gig or 1 tb variant.
Rocstor EAGLEROC E9 (5 out of 5)
Rocstor drives is a giant in the audio industry and enjoys an absolute reputation for enduring the test of time.
The EAGLEROC E9 has different color options that are easy to do on the eyes, but also comes with Firewire 400, Firewire 800 and USB interface.
Although it is connected to an external power supply built for the road, it has an integrated \"chamber\" designed to absorb bumps and unexpected drops.
It is also a very quiet unit.
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