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Cheapest Professional Voice Recorder

Cheapest Professional Voice Recorder


Model No.: DVR-818

Color: Black

Capacity: 8GB Available Only


Functions and Advantages

Start Voice Recording Easily

Slide the 'REC' button up to start recording voice.

Playback of Music or Recording file

It's able to play the Music or Recording files on the device.

Telephone Recording

It has to work with a telephone adapter. But the adapter has to be bought separately

External Microphone Recording

It has to work with the External Microphone. But the external microphone has to be

bought separately

Set a time to start recording voice

Set any time to wake up the device and start recording voice.

High-Quality Recording Mode

It's able to choose the profer recording bit rate, 128Kbps/512Kbps/1536Kbps.The larger one

you choose, the higher quality will achieve

Voice Activated Recording(VOS/VOX)

Only the sound loud enough, it will be recorded. It will be useful to save the space of


Recording scene

It's able to select a suitable recording scene to achieve the best effect.

23 Languages optional

It supports 23 kinds of languages, it should be convenient for you.

Password Protection

After setting it, it will be useful to protect your fils savely.

Battery time

The maximum battery time is about 110hours after a fully charged.

Recording during charging

If the battery is almost used up,pls connect it to power bank or PC. It's able to continue

recording voice during charging

Reset the device

Press and hold the Power button about 15sec, then release it to reset the device. It will be

helpful in case of coming across any incident.


Size:102.5*37*11mm Weight:40g
Power Supplyli-ion 3.7V 500mAh
Recording Bit RateWAV,128Kbps/512Kbps/1536Kbps
Recording Time of 4GB 72hr / 18hr / 6hr
Recording Time oF 8GB144hr / 36hr / 12hr
Recording time of 16GB 288hr / 72hr / 24hr
Support system Windows2000/XP/7/8/10/Android

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