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Interesting small gadget for wireless recording

Interesting small gadget for wireless recording


In the daily use of the recorder, we will face encounter situations where we are far away from the sound source and cannot record clear sound. At that time, we need a small tool that can record remotely to help us complete the recording of remote sounds.

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HNSAT have two very practical long-distance recording pens, the maximum recording distance can reach 100 meters. It can be used in many "big occasion", such as large lectures and conferences.

Our solution for long-distance recording is to use a long-distance radio microphone and place it far away, and we can clearly receive the sound he received from dozens of meters away with our recorder.


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309H is a small voice recorder. The farthest radio distance measured by this machine is 80 meters. After putting on the headphones, you can listen to the recorded sound while recording. You can adjust the position of the microphone according to the sound you hear to achieve the best recording effect.

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