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The Recommendation of USB Voice Recorders.

The Recommendation of USB Voice Recorders.


This is the Best Mini USB stick voice recorder.

Fist, It builds in a long time li-ion battery which allows it to work for a long time. It's able to continue working about 15hours after a fully charged.and also it's easy to charge with your computer or charger.

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Second, it has two connection ports, Type-A and Micro-B. The other USB voice recorder has to playback the recording files on PC, but this one allows you to playback it on Android Mobile phone. Which makes it's very convenient when you're outside.


The last advantage is that it has the function of voice activation which will help to save the capacity of the flash drive. If the outside sound is too low to detect, it will pause recording. Until the sound is loud enough, it will start recording again.

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