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The story of recording voice

The story of recording voice


There is no lack of sound in our lives. We will also have many sounds we want to record. We hope that these sounds can be listened to and recalled repeatedly. In order to achieve this goal, human beings continue to explore. In the autumn of 1877, the inventor Edison read aloud to a cylindrical device in the laboratory: "Mary holds the lamb, and the lamb's hair is as white as snow." This few seconds of lyrics was immediately played back from the device. This device is a phonograph. Since then, sound has become something that can be stored and played at any time.


To this day, audio technology has undergone technological changes again and again, from fuzzy to clear, from analog to digital. Recording equipment has also been continuously improved, with various functions. These efforts are all to make the sound recording clearer and easier for us to use.


In particular, a tool that not only has the recording function, but also can be directly used as an MP3 listening tool, which can bring us a lot of convenience in our daily recording use.


This is our portable recording MP3-WR-15. The simple design and small size make it very convenient to carry. The built-in recording noise reduction chip makes the recording of the machine clearer; the high-quality environmentally friendly lithium battery can record continuously for 20 hours after being fully charged. The recording file is automatically saved every 4 hours, which is convenient for searching and listening.

In addition to having a recording function, it can also be used as MP3 to listen to songs and listen to recordings. More convenient for your use.



Another model is WR-16, this machine also has one-key recording, saving and MP3 functions. The small size and curved shell design fits the arc of the handheld; it also has a back clip design, so there is no burden to carry. The appearance of multiple colors can be selected, and the color similar to the clothes can be selected, which is easy to hide and fashionable.


Use the OTG cable to connect the mobile phone, you can manage the recording files on the mobile phone, which is convenient to use. Please contact us if you are interested.


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