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The convenience of the digital voice recorder to our lives

The convenience of the digital voice recorder to our lives


How can a little recording pen make our life more convenient and beautiful?

I am always impressed with the pictures in these TV series. Some professional lawyers and the public relations category represent the elite white-collar workers. Using a stylus at work to record the meeting during the meeting made me aware of the professional work attitude.

Therefore, in my impression, the person who uses the voice recorder will be an elite in the industry and is very professional. In addition, the recorder is very relevant to our lives, whether it is meetings, lectures, interviews, or listening to concerts.

The recording pen will record the content of the meeting, and the focus point will not miss the main points when organizing the notes; it also will record the beautiful memories of the live concert, and can recall the movements at that time anytime, anywhere.

So who will use the recorder in daily life?


1. Language learners

It is well known that the most important thing in learning a language, especially speaking and listening, is imitation. Spoken language can be practiced through shadow follow-up reading. Follow a piece of audio and video to record yourself. Re-contrast your own audio with the original sound source, find your best place, and practice repeatedly. This makes language learning very convenient


2. Investigate forensics

Investigations and forensics such as lawyers, police and other types of occupations that need to obtain evidence, usually have a lot of things to record. Using a mobile phone for work will first increase the memory load of the mobile phone, and it is also inconvenient to organize materials. More importantly, it is not professional. Now our voice recorder also has the function of mobile phone OTG connection, you can use the mobile phone to organize product materials. Will bring a lot of convenience to your work.


3. Freelance

Some video bloggers, from media writers, usually collect inspiration. If you carry a mini voice recorder with you, you can record the inspiration at any time. Video bloggers who are new to the industry may also consider using a professional recording pen to record when dubbing later. This will be a economical but there will be nice dub solutions.


The market and scope of the recorder is still very wide. We sincerely look forward to more dealers and agents working with us to make more people more convenient.


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