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What Brand of Voice Recorder is Better?

What Brand of Voice Recorder is Better?


Voice recorder brand choice: What brand of voice recorder is better?

The voice recorder is mainly used for recording, and the recording effect is much better than that of MP3. The recorder uses a professional decoder chip. It has the function of noise reduction, recording distant sound, etc., which is incomparable to MP3 and mobile phone recording devices. SONY voice recorders are relatively professional in the industry and have a high market share, but the price is high. You can also choose mid-range recorders from other brands. HNSAT, which is engaged in the recording industry, is a good choice. The most important thing is that you have to test the effect yourself before you buy. I think if you are not recording a concert, you can simply record lectures, meetings, and dialogues for evidence collection, as long as the product is of good quality and not easily damaged.

Voice recorder brand choice: Voice recorder choice

The following brands can be provided for your reference: 

Sony: Good quality, high price, good long-distance recording effect, recording files must be copied to the computer to be transcoded. 

Samsung: The quality is good and the price is high. It is more convenient to copy the recording files into the computer without transcoding. 

HNSAT: The quality is stable, the price is ordinary, there are small recordings and professional recording pens, and it is directly connected to the computer to facilitate data management. 

MSC: The price of South Korean Mansung's products is lower than Samsung's.

The voice recorders of the above brands are some brands that I personally think are of good quality and reputation.

If you are a student, you can consider buying: HNSAT DVR-828 (8G), the product is small and easy to carry, and the quality of the recording pen is not bad. It is a built-in lithium battery and USB interface, with professional recording and playback functions. Basically can meet the daily requirements, the sound effect is clear

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It is compact and has a large-size color screen, and the operation is simple and clear. You only need to push the button to record directly, including when it is turned off. After the recording is completed, you only need to push the button to save the recording and play it directly; the built-in loudspeaker can clearly play the recording or music file without changing other equipment to play it.


The retractable USB connector can be connected to the computer to manage data anytime and anywhere, and it can be directly connected to the charger to record while charging. The compact body can be mastered with one hand. It is light in weight and can be carried as a USB flash drive. It is a USB flash drive device that can record and play.

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DVR-828 is a very simple and easy-to-use professional voice recorder, fast recording is very convenient and fast for daily note recording.

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