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Knowledge of Voice Recorders

Knowledge of Voice Recorders


There are two generations of voice recorders. The first generation is a digital voice recorder and the second is a smart voice recorder.

Smart voice recorder is based on artificial intelligence technology and integrates high-definition recording, recording to text, simultaneous interpretation, cloud storage and other functions into one intelligent hardware. It is a representative product of AI application scenarios. Compared with the first generation of digital voice recorders, the new generation of smart voice recorders is characterized by the ability to transcribe recordings into text in real time.

Digital voice recorder, is a kind of voice recording devices. In order to facilitate the operation and improve the recording quality, the model is not based on a simple pen type. It is convenient to carry and has multiple functions, such as laser pointer Functions, FM frequency modulation, MP3 playback, etc.

Compared with traditional voice recorders, digital voice recorders record audio through digital storage. Voice recording and telephone recording functions are more important.

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Working Principle Of Voice Recorder

The digital voice recorder converts the analog signal into a digital signal through a digital-to-analog converter by sampling and encoding the analog signal, and stores it after a certain compression. And even if the digital signal is copied many times, the sound information will not be lost and remain unchanged.

Recording time Of Voice Recorder

Because it is a recording device, the length of recording time is naturally the most important technical indicator of a digital voice recorder. According to the difference in flash memory capacity and compression algorithm between different products, the length of recording time is also very different. The recording storage time of the digital voice recorder with 1G memory is 20-272 hours, and the continuous working time of the battery is generally about 2-26 hours, which can meet the needs of most people. However, it should be noted that if the long recording time is obtained by using a high compression ratio, it will often affect the quality of the recording.

Maintenance skills Of Voice Recorder

1. Screen maintenance: This is an important aspect, because the screen is directly related to our vision. If there is a problem with the screen when it is displayed, then there may be some obstacles when using it.

2. Body cleaning and maintenance: mainly embodied in anti-dust, anti-scratch, etc. (If it is scratched, you can try to wipe it off with toothpaste).

3. Maintenance of voice recorder interface: USB interface, charging interface, memory card interface, etc. If these interfaces of the recorder are scratched or worn out, it will cause great troubles in future use.

4. Battery maintenance: If the battery is used properly, there will be no problem after two years of use. If it is used improperly and is not well maintained, problems such as decreased battery life may occur.

5. Moisture-proof: When not in use, the recorder must be placed in a ventilated and dry place to avoid exposure to moisture and sunlight.

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