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Best Professional digital voice recorder for lecture buyer's guide 2020

Best Professional digital voice recorder for lecture buyer's guide 2020


With a cell phone, do we still need a voice recorder? There is a saying that professional people do professional things. So am the product. A professional recording can solve many problems in your life. But what kind of recording pen is suitable for you? Read on to find out.


What can professional digital voice recorder do?


When we in a lecture, we found that recording to be incredibly useful. It can help us listened back to the lecture to check something we did not write down. Of cause we can use the mobile phone to record, but at the same time we still need to use the mobile phone to shoot the PPT or other. Mobile phones continue to play various roles in our hands. At this time, the mobile phone will also result in a poor recording effect, and a lot of noise will be generated when listening back to the lecture.


At this time, if you have a professional voice recorder, you can use your mobile phone at will. The two can be a cooperative idea. By using professional machines to perform different tasks, you can give full play to your strengths and bring your work efficiency and professionalism to a higher level.


If we need to improve work efficiency, we really need a voice recorder.


So how to choose a recording pen suitable for you?

There are the following types of professional voice recorders:

1. Multifunctional professional voice recorder

The main type of recording pen is multi-function recording. In addition to the basic recording function, there are many additional functions. Among them, our DVR-188 is our most typical representative.


In addition to the 4 recording modes to choose from, the DVR-188 also needs to connect with the mobile phone via Bluetooth to record calls and mobile phone communications. If you are a reporter, this recorder can bring you a lot of convenience. The content of the interview is convenient for the follow-up to organize the details of the interview content; even if you can only conduct telephone interviews, you can also use the recording pen to record the content of the call without generating excessive noise.


2. Intelligent professional recording pen with noise reduction

Noise-reducing voice recorder can make the sound clearer. Our DVR-616 uses dual microphone noise reduction technology, which can make the sound more stereo and clear. At the same time, this machine also has Line-in function, use Line-in recording, you can avoid the noise of the recording environment.


You can choose the recorder that suits you according to your daily work habits. If you still don’t expect it, then you can contact us and we will recommend it for you.


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