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HNSAT DVR-616 Professional Voice Recording with The Highest Quality

HNSAT DVR-616 Professional Voice Recording with The Highest Quality



This time, we recommend HSNAT DVR-616 professional recorder. This recorder is small and exquisite, It is easy to carry anywhere and can make a clear recording. Complete functions with long standby time, but have a low price. It is a reliable product

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HSNAT DVR-616 has a variety of practical functions. Fashionable and exquisite appearance, At the same time, it still has stable and excellent quality. It will bring you a new and unforgettable experience. It is an indispensable practical tool around you. The function is mighty, it has DSP digital noise reduction and key function lock, variable speed playback, etc a lot of other functions, it is a voice recorder for all ages and has a very high-cost performance ratio. Moreover, its storage capacity support as high as 32GB, and the battery is a new type: polymer battery 450ma/3.7v, with an apparent size of 100.7 × 34.5 × 12.5mm, weighing only 96g, very easy to carry.

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HSNAT DVR-616 recorder converts the analog signal into a digital signal through the digital to the analog converter by sampling and encoding the analog signal of sound, and storing it after compression. The digital signal will not be distorted, and even after repeated replication, the sound information will not be lost. 


Now let's talk about the HNSAT DVR-616 professional voice recorder from four aspects: 

(1) recording time. The recording time varies according to the storage capacity and compression algorithm of different products. At present, the recording time of HNSAT DVR-616 recorder is about 200-500 hours, and the length can reach more than 1000 hours. 

(2) Battery life. At present, most voice recorders use small batteries, and some products have built-in rechargeable batteries. Generally, the voice recorder can work for about 15 hours. 

(3) Sound quality effect. Generally, the sound quality of the voice recorder is better than that of the traditional recorder. The recorder usually has SP, LP, and other recording modes. SP means that shot play is a short-time mode. This model has a low compression rate and good sound quality, but the recording time is short. LP means long play, that is long-time mode, with a high compression rate and reduced sound quality. 

(4) Storage mode. HNSAT DVR-616 professional voice recorder adopts analog recording and uses built-in flash memory to store recording information. The characteristic of flash memory is that after power failure, the information stored on it will not be lost. Theoretically, it can withstand millions of repeated erasures, so the cost of repeated use is zero. You can copy the recorded information by connecting the computer, or play it directly in the recorder.

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How to use HNSAT DVR-616 recorder? 

1. In the shutdown mode, press the ON key once to start the machine. 

2. Push the side recording button to directly enter the recording mode without missing any important information. 

3. In the recording state, press the stop button again to pause the recording. Press it again to continue the recording. Dial back the recording button to stop and save the recording. 

4. After saving the recording file, click play to play the recorded content. 

5. After the battery runs out, it will automatically shut down. Before shutting down, the system will automatically save the recorded files.

6. USB can be used for charging and recording while charging. 

7. Directly copy the recording files after connecting the computer with USB cable.

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