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DVR-308A professional Voice Recorder

DVR-308A professional Voice Recorder
Professional Voice Recorder
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Professional Voice Recorder

Wireless recording remotely. Super long time continuous recording.


Turn on / off

Turn on:

Push down the power switch button, the screen will lighten up as soon as the recorder turned on.

In a soft shutdown condition, press the “OK” button for several seconds to turn it on.


Turn off:

Push up the power switch button, the screen will turn black as soon as the recorder turned off. In any standby condition, press the “OK” button for several seconds to turn it off.

The recorder will turn off automatically if there is no further operation in two minutes

Details Display

Quality improvement based on feedback from thousands of customers.


Functions Overview



Wireless recording remotely. Super long time continuous recording.One button recording& playing.

Four recording modes: LP: Long-time recording. SP: Standard recording. HP: High quality recording. Wireless recording.

Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR)Listening  while recording.

Time setting. FM radio: Frequency response. 87.0 - 108MHz Automatic section-break.

A-B repeat. Mp3 player. Intelligent power monitoring. With built-in high power loudspeaker. With built-in high capacity polymer battery.


Voice-activated recording(VOR/VOS),the level can be adjusted. Three recording scenes can be choose.

One Button Recording

Press “” button in any pause or stop condition could start recording. Recording Pause /Save/Exit. Press “OK” button to pause the recording under the state of recording. Press the “OK” button again to continue .Press the “” button to stop and save the recording data. Then press “□” button to get back to main menu.

Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR)

After the recording stopped, press the “ / ” to choose the proper level of voice activated recording (from 0-10, default 0 which means the function doesn't work). Press the “”  button again to move on to the next recording. When it starts working, the VOS icon will flash and the time will stop. On the contrary, when it stops, the VOS icon will disappear and the recorder will return to the normal state.

Listening while recording

When it is recording, insert the earphone and press “VOL +” button to choose the proper volume(from 0 to 40, 0 means this function doesn't  work). Whether turn on the function or not according to individual demands, the power can be saved when you turn off this function in time.

Record Folder

The recording files will be saved automatically in the folder which Matches to the corresponding mode.

Automatic section break: The recorder will save 4 hours of continuous recording voice automatically and move on to the next recording.

Other Operations

Long press power button about 2 seconds, the device will turn on and boot into standby state after vibrate a time (the indicator light becomes red and always bright).

Long press power button again to turn off the device, it will vibrate twice and the red light is extinguished.




Power supply

Polymer battery 3.7V  1500mAh,super long time continuous recording

Memory capacity


Recording bit rate


4GB recording time

LP about 283 hours/SP about 70 hours/HP about 47 hours

8GB recording time

LP about 555 hours/SP about 138 hours/HP about 92 hours

16GB recording time

LP about 1110 hours/SP about277 hours/HP about 185 hours

Support system


Music format


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