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WR-15 spy Voice Recorder equipment

WR-15 spy Voice Recorder equipment
Mini Voice Recorder
Black & Rose gold
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Mini Voice Recorder

Press and hold the Power button about 2sec – The Red indicator light turns on, then off.


Turn the recorder "ON"

Press and hold the Power button about 2sec – The Red indicator light turns on, then off. Followed by the Blue indicator flashing 3X, then turning off.It will start to recording voice.(The earphone is not plugged in).


If press any button during recording voice, the Blue indicator light will be flashing 3X, which will let your know it’s at work.During the Blue indicator light flashing, press the Power button to pause voice recording, repress it again to continue the current recording.


The device will automatically save the recording files after 4hours continuous recording, and then start to record the next file.


Voice Activated Recording

Press and hold the “Power”  button and  the ”Vol-/Next” button until the Red and Blue indicator light turn on at the same time, then release the buttons to enter into the state of Voice Activated Recording. Note: If the disk is full while recording voice, the Blue indicator light will be flashing fast 5sec.The recording file will be saved automatically and exit.

Turning the recorder "OFF"

Press and hold the Power button about 2sec until all indicator lights go out, the device will turn off and the recording file will be saved automatically.

Time Setting

Connect the device to PC. Create Text document under the folder RECORD, and save it.(The Text document has to include the date and time.). Time format: 2019 06 01 1030 30  Year Month Day Hour Sec. (2019 June 1st  10:30 30). Note:Which would be written as: 20190601103030 (no spaces).

PC Connection / Charging

Connect the device to PC.(the device at state of Power off). Charge until Red indicator light stops flashing and is solid Blue indicator light. The device is compatible with the equipment which has OTG function. Hint: Approx. 2 hours for a full charge. The maximum battery time is about 20hours.





Power Supply:

Polymer Battery 3.7V 90mAh

Recording Format:


Recording Time:

4GB: about 47hours


8GB: about 94hours


16GB: about 188hours

Support System:

Windows2000/XP/ 7/8/Android

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