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UR-08 tiny digital Voice Recorder

UR-08 tiny digital Voice Recorder
Mini Voice Recorder
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One Button Recording

Push the power button to “ON” position, the indicative light become red, then changed to blue light, the recorder start recording.

Stop Recording

When recording, push the button to “OFF” position or connect it to the computer, the blue light is off , then it stops and saves the recording files.


Connect the USB disk recorder to the computer (no need CD driver), upload the recording files and playback in your computer.   

Setting Time

Connect the recorder with computer and open the folder “SetUDiskTime” under the disk directory. Then double click the program “SetUDiskTime(9X).exe” in the folder. After that the time of the recorder will be in sync with your computer system time.




Pease read the instruction manual carefully before operation.

1. Please keep the voice recorder away from the place of dust, wet and high temperature.

2. Please avoid strong vibration or shocks when using the recorder.

3. Please backup important recordings to avoid the risk of data missing caused by misuse or broken down.    

4. We are not responsible for the recording failures which caused by misuse or damage.

5. Please press reset hole, then it can be recover when it is dead.

6. If there's any quality problem, please contact us or our local distributor. Please don’t disassemble or replace the internal parts by yourself. Please backup the files before sending to repair, we are not responsible for the lost of data caused by repair or other resons.

7. We are not responsible for the user's recording without other's approval.    

8. We endeavor to ensure the manual’s integrity. For technical and other reasons, if the contents do not match, the recorder shall prevail. We reserve the right to modify the design and specifications.


Technical Specifications

Size:70mm x 21mm x 9.4mm


Power supply:3.7V  110mAh   ( lasting about 15 hours when full charged )

Recording format:WAV

Recording bit rate:128K bps

Recording time:

1GB:about 17 hours

2GB:about 35 hours

4GB:about 70hours
8GB: about 140 hours

Support system: Windows2000/XP/vista/7

Flash Memory: 1G~4G

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