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DVR-136 small spy camera recorder

DVR-136 small spy camera recorder
Mini Camera
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Camera Recorder

4 Hours Shooting Time; HD Camera 1920*1080P


Turn on / turn off:

Long-time press play button for around 3 seconds. The red light lightens. The recorder is turned on and enters into standby mode. Repress play  button for around 3 seconds, the red light goes out, and the recorder is turned off.

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Video Shooting

Push the “Mode” button down when recorder in standby state, short time press play button to take video. The blue light twinkles.  Repress the play  button to stop taking video and save the video file automatically. At this time, the blue light off while the red light on again.

Recording Voice

Push the “Mode” button down when recorder in standby status, Short time press VOL- button to record voice. The blue light lightens long.. Repress the VOL- button to stop and save the recording.  Then the blue light off, the red light on.

Taking Photo

Push the “Mode” button down when recorder in standby status, Short time press VOL+ button to take picture, the blue light twinkles once. The recorder will save the photo automatically. It takes 1 photo each time.

Continues Shooting

Push the “Mode” button up, short time press VOL+ button begins to take picture. The blue light twinkles three times. The recorder will save the photo automatically. It takes 3 photos each time.


Long press power button about 2 seconds, the device will turn on and boot into standby state after vibrate a time (the indicator light becomes red and always bright).

Long press power button again to turn off the device, it will vibrate twice and the red light is extinguished.


Please exit the present mode and keep the recorder instandbystatus before choosing other modes.


Video formatAVI:1280 * 720  resolution: 22 f/s.
Voice recording formatWAV /128Kbps
Photo formatJPEG, resolution : 1600*1200
Supported system2000/xp/2003/vista/7
Video sizeMB -  MB / minute
Voice recording sizeMB / minute.
StorageBuilt-in: 512 MB-8GB  TF card: 128MB-7GB
Size74.5mm * 28mm * 13mm

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