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WR-11 Keychain Voice Recorder With MP3 Player

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WR-11 Keychain Voice Recorder With MP3 Player
Wearable Voice Recorder
8GB; 16GB
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1 – 100(Pcs)--------1-3 days
101 – 1000(Pcs)---------5 days
>1000(Pcs)--------To be negotiated
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  • Start Recording

Slide the Power button up to start recording, meanwhile, the red dot will appear.

(The indicator light will switch from red to blue after the blue indicator light flashes five times, the light will disappear)

Playback Mode

Connect the drive-by-wire earphone to the device to activate the playback mode.

After turning on the device, it will play the recordings automatically. Meanwhile, the blue indicator light will keep bright.

Long time press the “PLAY/PAUSE” button on the drive-by-wire earphone to make switching between recordings and music.

Parameters setting in TXT

Connect the device to the PC, then set the parameters in the document “SETTING.TXT”

GAIN:3  (1-7:Sensitivity of Microphone)  

BIT:4  (1:32kbps 2:64kbps 3:128kbps 4:192kbps 5:512kbps Bit Rates of Recording)     

VOR:3  (0: VOR/VOS Shut down, 1-7: Sensitivity of VOR/VOS)

SEG:240  (1-999:Length of Recordings section-break)          

TIME:20221030183030 (Time Format: Oct 30th 2022,18h30m30s)

PC Connection

Turn off device first, then connect it to PC via USB–C cable. It’s able to manage the data and recordings on flash drive.



Size :


weight:about 35g

Power Supply

Polymer   battery: 3.7V 120mAh

(continue recording about 22 hours after fully charged)

Recording format   & Bit Rate

MP3: 32kbps, 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps

WAV: 512kbps

Recording time

8GB:583hrs/ 291hrs/ 145hrs/ 94hrs/ 36hrs

16GB:1166hrs/ 582hrs/ 290hrs/ 188hrs/ 72hrs

32GB:2332 hrs / 1166 hrs/ 580 hrs/ 376 hrs/ 144 hrs

Support System


Flash Memory:

8GB-32GB(This recorder's   system only support FAT32 format)


Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the battery, or it may cause the battery to explode or leak liquid inside the battery. The original battery, the disassembled battery and the modified battery that are not our company are not covered by the warranty.


There is a danger of explosion if you do not operate properly when replacing the rechargeable battery. The battery contains a small amount of harmful substances. To avoid possible harm: Replace only with the battery which is provided by our company. Keep the battery away from fire. Do not put the battery in water or expose it in the rain. Do not open the battery. Do not puncture the battery with an object. Do not short the battery. Keep the battery out of the reach of children. Avoid dropping the battery.


Do not throw the battery into the landfill. When handling batteries, please follow local laws or regulations. The battery should be stored at room temperature and charged to 30%-50%. Be careful not to charge with a high-power charger to avoid shortening the battery life. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge the battery once every six months to prevent excessive discharge.

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