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what\'s in your usb port?

by:Hnsat     2020-09-12

physical format of thumb drive--
One end USB connector and the other end plastic case--
Suddenly became what Winnie the Pooh said \"useful pot to put things \".
\"The original thing is memory, and the amount is much larger than the amount that the floppy disk can handle.
But now the format contains from Wi-
The Fi adapter of the camera that can shoot the video.
Memory is mainly used for sneakernet sets. Plug this data-on-a-
Plug in the USB port and suddenly have a new drive to complete your storage bidding-
There is no need to install the driver unless you are using the old operating system.
About $15, you can get 32 megabytes; a 256-
Model of megabytesspeed USB 2.
Just $50, 0.
As USB memory becomes a commodity, manufacturers are developing new features.
If you are willing to pay a high price for cute (
$50 16 MB, $256 150 MB)
, You can get a small model that slides into a plastic duckling and lights it up from inside-
From the dynamic iDuck. com.
Better idea: Scalable combo drives like $50 Kanguru 64 mb micro drive Plus.
It has its own memory, but it can also accept SD cards, such as SD cards suitable for many digital cameras.
Some USB drives now come with useful software.
JumpDrive Traveler of Lexar Media offers three special programs for those who often switch from one machine to another.
One allows you to access Internet Explorer on a machine that is not yours, without leaving cookies, history or other surf marks on the machine\'s hard drive;
It also gets bookmarks from your host.
Another program allows you to use Outlook Express in your own settings;
The third allows you to synchronize files between the office and the home machine.
The price of a normal USB drive is about $25.
Stealthsurfer is a USB drive that has password protection whether you store it or not, as well as its own version of Netscape 7. 0 browser.
The good thing is that surfing leaves no trace. -
Cookies, passwords, porn-
No matter what machine you use
But it does leave its own mark and may be asking questions to your office ITmanager, I have had multiple issues getting Windows to let me safely delete it.
Documentation is inconsistent with how the software actually works, and the premium is $100 higher than USBonly drive.
Sony\'s $200 FIU-
810 puppy fingerprint identity token, which is basically a 64 mb USB drive with a fingerprint reader and software that will allow you to protect the drive or connect things on the machine in a biological way.
In the case of the company, the unit can be used in various authentication scenarios.
This may be excessive for ordinary consumers. Need a Wi-
The Fi adapter for the computer?
$75 wireless for Iogear-G to USB 2.
0 Flex adapter gives you High
Help the antenna aim at the speed connection and pivot in the right direction, but its documentation needs to be deciphered carefully.
If you only need slower Wi-Fi, D-Link\'s DWL-
122 insert the antenna into the traditional thumb-
About $40 Drive pack. D-
The price of Link is only $40
The 120 usb Bluetooth adapter brings this form of wireless network along with all the common Bluetooth software troubles to your computer.
The $60 control key of Griffin technologies is designed to limit the use of your computer if you don\'t have a USB key and password;
I found the documentation and UI so confusing that I was so worried that I would be excluded from my own machine.
Philips recently launched the most versatile USB stick product-
KeyCorder 019, which places MP3 players, video recorders and 2-
Million pixel digital camera single into $250 of equipment also can as an a 128-
MB flash drive.
However, the problem with video and photos is that in bright sunlight and fixed light, the rough electronic viewfinder is almost useless --
Produces a third focus, non-zoom lensrate pictures.
Using the viewfinder to view the peeping display of the pictures and videos you \'ve taken requires fiddling with a small controller on the wire connected to the headset.
The battery of the device obtains its power from the USB port;
The full charge takes 4 hours.
Lexar Media\'s jumpgar MP3 is a $40 controller, monitor and battery rack (two AAAs)
The design matches the company\'s JumpDrive Sport USB drive, which is signed by the hard driveto-
Use a wrapped rubber cap.
The user interface is particularly crappy, but can handle Windows Media and MP3 tracks;
After a rebate, you can find a 512 MB JumpDrive sport for about $120, or save money by accommodating less capacity.
In theory, you can use multiple drives for multiple playlists.
But the best USB stick music player I \'ve ever seen is Nomad MuVo TX 512 MB from Creative Labs.
The removable USB part comes with a 512 MB, an attractive backlit display that provides really useful track information, and a simple user interface that includes customizable graphic EQ, etc;
It plugs into a battery stand and requires an AAA battery. The USB 2.
The 0 interface lets you fill this thing with MP3 and Windows Media files in less than five minutes, just like jumpgar, which can play Downloads protected by digital copyright management.
It also has an audio quality that can be called a bad recorder.
But it costs $250, eight times more than the Rechargeable iPod Mini, which is too expensive.
If it\'s shaped like a rubber duck, Stephen Manness (steve@cranky. com)
Co-host of the digital duo, who has been covering technology for 20 years.
Visit his home page at www. forbes. com/manes.

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