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The most simple voice recorder usb voice recorder 140 hours long time recording 8GB

The most simple voice recorder usb voice recorder 140 hours long time recording 8GB
1 - 1000(Units):5(days),>1000(Units):Negotiable(days)
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Quick Details
Brand Name:HNSAT or OEM
Model Number:UR-09
Record Audio Format:WAV
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
The recording formats:wav
The tape speed:128
1GB:About 17 hours
2GB:About 35 hours
4GB:About 70 hours
8GB:About 140 hours
supporting system:Windows2000/XP/vista/7/8
Capacity:1GB-8GB(The machine must use FAT32 file system format)


Functional features


A key voice recording

A key to toggle type recording, forward for recording, back to save, convenient and quick.
High sensitive audio recording function, can greatly save disk space, to extend the time of recording.


Launch type USB plug straight

HNSAT UR - 09 comes with USB extension, when connected to the computer without the USB line, need with USB interface, exhausted and USB interface can be retracted, convenient and beautiful.
Key hidden in the process of the design to avoid the tape run into in the recording.

 Charging while recording, extend the recording time

HNSAT UR - 09 built-in high capacity lithium battery, not only can work continuously more than 15 hours. Can also be the USB plug on the computer or power supply, to achieve charging while recording, until the disk space is full.

 Work light is like concealed, intuitive operation and concealment

No display on the market of the recording products both with light or without light cut both ways, with lamp allows the operator to identify the working state of the recorder, but too "high", is there any way to achieve both intuitive and low-key?
HNSAT UR - 09 is well solved this difficult problem, its light is designed to be looming, both to avoid the operator wrong operation, and it is difficult to reminiscent of it turns out to be a voice recorder!

 Small fashion, comfortable feel

 High fidelity long time recording

Recording a rate:128 k BPS (or 192 k BPS optional, by the engineer to test 128 k BPS and 192 k BPS contrast effect has no obvious difference between two kinds of quality, coupled with the 128 k BPS recording time is 3 times of 192 k BPS, so we suggest the customer choice more practical 128 k BPS quality.)

The recording time: 8 g: 140 hours; G: 70 hours.

 From U disk function

Multi-usage. The machine has a usb data transfer function, can at any time to connect the computer to upload download file.


Technical parameters



64mm×22mm×10mm Weight:

about 14G

The recording formats:


The tape speed:



The recording time:

1GB:About 17 hours

2GB:About 35 hours

4GB:About 70 hours

8GB:About 140 hours

supporting system:



1GB-8GB(The machine must use FAT32 file system format)


Company Profile



Our Advantage


Payment &Transport

The product is able to work normally in a harsh environment. People live in extremely cold areas such as Norway said the product works as usual without any components breakdown. The product is designed to keep people's hand comfortable. It provides soft and smooth side grips for long hours of use.
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