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some hot recorders for those cool podcasts

by:Hnsat     2020-09-11
Written by larry magidsept.
2006 broadcasters, musicians and serious enthusiasts have long been high-end consumers.
But Podcasts create an expanded market for this device.
While podcasts can be created with computers, microphones and some audio --
Editing software, sometimes when away from the PC, it is good to be able to do interviews, collect sounds or record programs.
For this you need some type of portable recording device.
It may have been a portable analog cassette tape recorder until a few years ago.
It may be a mini recorder or a digital recorder recently.
But today, the hottest recorder does not use tapes or discs, but records using the same type of non-volatile flash memory used in a digital camera.
Flash does not have moving parts to make noise when you record, and it is compact in structure.
SD flash cards no larger than stamps can hold compressed mono audio up to 4 gb or up to 130 hours (
However, some recorders do not apply to SD cards that store more than 2g).
Compact Flash cards can store up to 8 gb.
In addition, the data on the memory card can be easily transferred to a PC or MacS. B.
Cable or remove the card from the device and put it into the PC card reader.
Files can be edited once on PC
Mail or mail to the server.
Because these audio files are originally digital, there is no need to convert them to use on the computer.
This saves time and avoids the inherent quality loss of \"dubbing\" from one device to another.
There is a disadvantage in advertising.
Although the price of flash memory has dropped significantly over the past few years, its audio price per minute is still more expensive than a tape or mini disc.
This is usually not a problem if you copy the file to a PC, however, if you leave the computer for a long time or need to deliver a copy of the file in a physical format, this may be.
That said, 256-
It costs only $12 mb sd card and it\'s not expensive to carry extra cards.
The sound quality depends in part on the format you use to record.
In order to get the maximum quality, the higher
The terminal device can record uncompressed files in WAV format, but for stereo, this file takes up to 10 megabytes per minute.
If you are recording voice or music that may be heard on a portable player like an iPod, you can save a lot of space by recording it into a compressed MP3 file.
MP3 is a \"detrimental\" compression, which means there will be a drop in quality.
There are basically three types of digital flash recorders on the market.
Digital recorder like Olympus VN3100PC ($69)
Mainly for dictation and other voice-Record tasks.
Also, some digital music players such as iRiver T30 ($512-40megabyte model)
With the ability to record, as well as the iPod accessories, such as the iPod\'s TuneTalk stereo ($69)from Belkin.
While these can be used for podcasts, sound quality and versatility will not be as good as higher podcasts
Terminal-specific systems like Marantz 660 ($499)
\"Eddie roll\" by Roland R. 09 ($399)and the M-
Audio micro-track 24/96 ($350).
I tested each of the three recorders and found that the sound quality was perfect for podcasts and professional voice broadcasts, just like the broadcast reports I did.
I also use them to record music, and while enthusiasts often argue about the nuances of sound quality, it sounds very good to me.
All can record as uncompressed WAV files or compressed MP3 audio.
Marantz 660 measuring 7. 2 by 4. 5 by 1.
Marantz 9 inch is 660 and the battery weighs 21 ounces, not only the largest and most expensive unit tested, but also the most professional feeling and function.
First, it uses XLR microphone input--
Like a studio mixer.
Others use the same 1/8-
Although this does not rule out the use of a professional microphone, the inch mini jack is used as most consumer audio devices as it is easy to obtain a 1/8-inch jacks.
A stereo microphone is embedded in the box of the recorder, and in my test it receives too much ambient room noise for frequent use.
An external microphone must be used for any serious recording.
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Putting it outside of the competition is a built-in
In mono speakers, which may be important for radio reporters, they may have to resort to lifting the speakers to their phones in order to broadcast their reports immediately.
Also, if you don\'t have headphones on hand, the speakers do make it easier for you to view and edit your work.
Store ad sound files on a compressed flash card.
It comes with 64-megabyte card --
High quality mono enough for two hours, but only up to five minutes-
Stereo music without compression.
You can buy higher
Capacity CF cards from SanDisk, Lexar and other suppliers.
Like all the devices I tested, the device uses four AA batteries and comes with an external power supply. M-
MicroTrack is compact, measuring 4. 3 by 2. 4 by 1.
1 inch, weight 5. 4 ounces. It has an 1/8-
Stereo microphone and two 1/4 inch inputs
Inch mono microphone or line-
In the Jack and in the RCA line-
Output jack and S/PDIF digital audio input for connecting to some CD players and other audio sources. A well-thought-
The user interface is simple and easy to use.
Unlike other microphones, there is no internal microphone for MicroTrack.
Instead, it comes with a small T-
Insert a 1/8-shape stereo microphone
Inch adapter at the top of the device.
The quality of the microphone is surprisingly good.
Like Marantz, it is recorded on the flash card.
There is a disadvantage.
Unlike other products, MicroTrack does not use AA batteries.
Instead, there is a fixed internal lithium-
Ion battery, charged by plugging the external power supply into a power outlet or plugging the device into the USS. B.
Port for PC or Mac.
The battery is not removable so spare parts cannot be carried-
This is a potential problem if you leave the AC outlet for a long time. Roland Edoro09The pocket-sized Edirol R-
09 has the same size as MicroTrack with a weight of 5.
4 oz battery.
It uses two AA batteries with very good built in quality
In the stereo microphone at the top of the left and right-
Side of the unit.
These microphones are better than those on Marantz and can be interviewed live, but for music and the highest level of people
High quality voice recording, you need to connect the external microphone.
It should work with all non-electric dynamic microphones with plug
Working at low power
Power the resident microphone, but not enough for some.
And a line --
Jack for mixer or other sound source.
The device has a convenient switch on the back of stereo or mono, automatic gain control, microphone gain and low gain
Low frequency filter like wind noise.
The file is stored on the SD card.
It comes with 64-megabyte card.
While any of these devices will provide high quality audio, the compact size of Edirol and the use of AA batteries give it a competitive advantage.
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Some hot recorders for those cool podcasts.
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