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smallest hidden security cameras - the top three

by:Hnsat     2020-09-11
I had a customer the other day.
Email me about the situation where he needs a spy camera with audio and DVR.
He doesn\'t have the power available, and there\'s no place where he feels he can put a normal hidden camera.
He needs a small, fully portable spy camera.
As you may already know, the hidden camera is a spy camera with a board camera that can transfer images to a TV or computer monitor.
They don\'t record images themselves.
They need a DVR to do this.
Some newer models have DVR built inin.
The only secret camera that can legally record audio is like this.
Known as the body wear camera.
The three most popular cameras to wear with you are: 1.
Spy camera with car keys.
It looks like a remote control car key, but it\'s one of the smallest hidden security cameras.
It has 8gb of files that you can watch on almost any media software.
You can store almost 3 hours of record material before you need to delete or download it.
The battery lasts up to two hours.
It produces very good picture resolution. 2.
Watch concealed camera is a good example of a portable spy security camera that does not require an external power supply.
There\'s a 4gb DVR inside.
For the sake of authenticity, all pictures have date/timestamp. 3.
Sunglasses hide camera has a simple two-button control and long
Long-lasting rechargeable battery with polarized lenses to protect the eyes.
No one will know that they are recorded.
The microphone range is 2 m or 6 to 7 feet.
All three cameras have a built-in one.
In DVR, mini microphone and camera.
My client thinks these three are the best small wireless spy cameras.
When will you buy one?
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