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cheap shock mount for handheld audio recorder

by:Hnsat     2020-09-10
Parts for less than $5 you can have a tripod that works very well
Stand for handheld recorders such as Zoom H2/H4 or Sony PCM-M10. Materials:—
4 \"PVC pipe or coupling in diameter, about 3 in length\"1/4-
Thread nut (
Match the standard tripod thread)
No heads (
Also called \"welding nut \")—epoxy putty—
Rubber bench :-
Drill bit-5/16\"
Some kind of saw (
If you don\'t have a hardware shop to cut PVC pipes vertically for you)—
I asked the hardware store to do it for me.
I cleaned the edges of the cut with the Dremel tool.
Drill holes for tee nuts.
I used a 5/16 bit and it turned out to be a very slightly oversized hole.
There are two kinds of tee nuts, the one with a pointed head (
For hammering Wood)
There is no sharp one (
Also called \"welding nut \").
While the spires may get into PVC well, I decided to use a tee nut without spires and embed it in epoxy putty.
I simply mixed some putty, put it around the flange of the tee nut, and put the tee nut firmly in the hole, so that the nut is embedded in the putty.
The tripod mounting plate should be screwed in.
After you connect the mounting plate, you can add rubber bands.
I used a total of 4 rubber bands, 2 for the support below, and 2 for the downward pressure.
I used rubber bands for some vegetables (
Broccoli, to be exact)
And more solid garbage.
I wrapped the rubber band on the stand twice.
In any case, plug the tape recorder into the band.
I found it easiest to leave the top microphone --
Turn off the side rubber band, insert the other side of the microphone between the two rubber bands on one side of the device, and then add the last rubber band to keep everything in place.
You may want to place the rubber band more carefully than I have in this picture.
But since PCM-
The M10 has a wired remote and I don\'t actually need to access the buttons that are covered here.
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