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Ahmedabad: Anti-Corruption Bureau\'s spy cameras to capture the corrupt

by:Hnsat     2020-09-13
Asking for or accepting bribes will be a more challenging task here, as the police have to deal with more than just prying. For, the Anti-
Corruption Bureau (ACB)
Gujarat has decided to give its employees a new \"digital eye\" to attract state government staff and officials.
After the auditor general and auditor general were attacked for lack of the latest equipment (CAG)
A report released earlier this year said the bureau added spy cameras to its technology arsenal.
\"Over the past four months, we have purchased and provided video devices and high
Terminal recorders for all 30 ACB police stations in Gujarat.
This is in addition to the recording equipment that officials have been using so far, \"in-
Responsible for the acceptance of the state, Ashesh Bhatia.
The bureau recently allocated nearly Rs 30 for the procurement of equipment including small spy cameras, voice recorders, laptops and servers.
But he declined to give details.
\"Disclosure of the exact technology we are using can harm its utility because the people we plan to capture will be aware of this,\" Bhatia explained . \".
The introduction of this new technology will make the bureau\'s trap and bait process more smooth, and the Indian CAG criticized the bureau for its lack of this capability in an audit report released on October.
The report states that every ACB police station in the state needs to have spy cameras, tape recorders and other logistical tools in order to be effectively prepared for action.
However, it adds that there are only 2 spy cameras and 5 tape recorders throughout the state, which are also very old and outdated.
On November 2012, the director of the Bureau stated that the proposed value of the purchase of equipment was Rs 38.
61 lakh was sent to government in 201112.
However, the government has instructed ACB to make new proposals in the coming year.
At the same time, by re-purchasing a set of equipment that costs rs60000
According to the report, January 2012 was allocated from other responsible persons.
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